What is a rental agreement?

The rental agreement is the contract between the landlord and the tenant. It spells out the conditions under which the tenant will rent the property.

Pet Agreement

Usually has a deposit or fee for cleanup after the tenant moves out. Landlords have the right to restrict pets from the property.

Tenant Repairs

This portion spells out who will make any repairs to the property. Some Landlords do not want the tenant making repairs to the property themselves.

Yard and Premise Maintenance

The landlord may charge a fee for yard maintenance or it may be in the contract for the tenant to maintain the yard and premises themselves. Any yard or premises cleanup once the tenant moves out may be taken from the tenantís deposit.

House rules

This may include whether the tenant can paint or repair any part of the premises without the landlordís (property managerís) permission or how many people may live in the house at one time. Other rules may apply and vary with the landlord.

Where can I get an application form for leasing a property?

You can find the application on this website or come by our office and fill one out. There will be a $35 application fee for one person or $50 for a couple.

How long after I apply for a property before I know if I am approved?

You will normally know within 48 hours, depending upon verification..

What is a security deposit and how much is it?

A security deposit is money that you pay to the Landlord/Property Manager which is held in trust during your tenancy. All or part of this deposit may be refunded to you if there is no damage or unpaid charges or forfeited to the landlord. Any deductions from your deposit must be accurately and specifically accounted and documented.

What if I smoke can I still get a house?

Some landlords want to keep their houses smoke free but others will allow smokers. This will generally be spelled out in the lease agreement. If you allow smoking in a non-smoking house you might have to pay for cleanup and painting when you vacate the premises.

How long will the lease period be?

Most Landlords and tenants want the security of a one-year lease on their property. All situations are different and shorter or longer lease periods may be available.

How do I get my deposit back?

By leaving the property in as good a condition or better as when we moved in. A guiding thought should be that after youíve done your final cleaning and are ready to lock the door, step out and back in again. WOULD YOU MOVE IN?

How long before I get my deposit refunded?

Thirty days. Under Oklahoma law, landlords must either refund or give an accounting for deductions within 30 days from the date of vacancy.

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