Property Owners


Todayís real estate and leasing market is quite vast, and with it comes many responsibilities and specific needs. Let The Property Manager do the work for you. In short, YOU NEED US!

As one of the leading full-service real estate companies in Green Country, we strive to be the very best when it comes to leasing, rental properties and home sales. The Property Manager can handle any and all of your real estate needs, no matter how large or small. We also want to make your experience easy and stress-free with our competent, reliable staff ready to answer all your questions. Please feel free to browse our website and take note of our many services. Put your land in the hands of The Property Manager!

We have several options designed to meet your specific needs. Utilizing our services brings peace of mind about your property, your tenants and the future of your investment. And itís with a minimal cost! Here is a quick rundown of some of the services we provide:

We want to be your next step in keeping your investment going for years to come. Let us show you what we can do for you. Put your land in the hands of The Property Manager!

Here is a list of our FAQ's (frequently asked questions) and some things you need to know.

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