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As a landlord or landlady, you know taking care of rental property is a time-consuming effort. Collecting rent, finding quality residents, negotiating leases, not to mention maintenance truly is always something. Let The Property Manager be your solution!

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House We are glad you are here! At "The Property Manager" we strive to be your solution to your rental property needs. Everyone loves smooth sailing, but when the inevitable problems occur we are prepared to assess, advise and act accordingly. We understand the big picture, we diagnose the situation, and we have the resources to provide the solution! Taking care of business, providing excellent service and a positive outcome for all is our aim in each situation we encounter. You will find our approach to be "boutique", not "big box".

The Property Manager was established in September 1986 to meet the needs of owners of rental real estate and the tenants needed to occupy those properties. The nature of property management is problematic by nature, and we want to be your problem-solver. The To-Do list is dynamic and juggling many balls is a daily occurrence. And then there are the 2:30 am calls that the furnace quit working, the Friday, 5:15pm call that the air conditioning quit working on Wednesday, a tree just fell on my car and I'm going to be late for work, etc., etc. And did I mention the Pygmy goats! Funny, you say? This stuff really happens. And Every Day!

As our client, you desire to have a quality tenant occupying your home, paying their rent on time and taking care of the property in a reasonable manner. It is our job to offer a quality property and to secure a qualified tenant that adheres to the terms and condition of their Lease Agreement. It is also our job to keep you informed of the market conditions, property status and timely monthly accounting. The world of property management is an ever-changing environment, and we are prepared to adapt quickly to circumstances that can impact the investment in your rental property. Every situation has common elements as well as unique elements that require our ability to assess, advise and act accordingly to bring together a successful and lasting relationship. The Property Manager understands the importance of your investment and the trust that you place in your selection of the company to assist you with your management needs. Welcome to ... The Property Manager

Debi Lewis

Debi Lewis

Debi Lewis (Harding) began her career in the world of real estate in 1977 in Springfield, Missouri. A move to Tulsa some years later and an opportunity to work in corporate real estate relocation, 1983, fueled my interest in property management. A less-than-robust market opened up a new need for property management and I was ready to jump in. I enjoy working with people and I am a problemsolver by nature. I am always up for a challenge and find great satisfaction in building quality, lasting relationships. Seemed a good fit in 1986 and still does today. Downtime involves family and friends, cooking, golf, gardening, a good book and looking at houses! And then there's couch time with my Annie Belle, a small Boxer rescue girl! She is my "Serenity Now!"